Saturday, 10 November 2012

They don't like the C word

 Part 1 of a series of blogs designed to open and create a debate amongst Arsenal fans about the future of the club

They don't like the C word


Civilised debate, cogitation, contention, challenging, communication, culpability change

That C word change and communicating opinions wanting change, opinions that seek culpability, cogitate over which factors, parties are to blame and why, is becoming extremely difficult to say the least. Entrenched people sat like kids with their fingers in their ears singing la la la I can't hear you, because someone is saying something they can't bear to hear.

So much so that social intercourse between consenting Arsenal fans has become so fractious, that to some extent , discussion has become almost pointless. 

Gainsaying, disagreeing for the sake of it, refusal to consider the C word- change, but why we all want the same thing, don't we ?

Arsenal to win and be successful in all regards 

Question is how do you see Arsenal ?

Team or Personality cult ?


Is AFC a religious or personality cult built around the teachings of a messiah or "beloved dictator, clearly no.

It's a 126 year old football club borne out of workers desire to play football together with 99 years of its life as a club in Islington.

Support for a team is an affinity, an extreme fondness, a part of you as a a character, a love which is publicly displayed and stood up for vocally. For many of us entwined with family history and connections to Islington and London. Gooners bringing up Gooners over many generations, 5 in my case as I bring up the 6th.

Others without family or loyalty to local connections were drawn to the club by other factors they feel passionate and fondly about which determine their support and drive to admire+love the club.

So why would any AFC fan not want to hear, or discuss the current sad situation, it's origins and factors which brought us to where we are now. That is failing to compete financially, failing to control and invest our wages budget wisely, failing hold leads, failing to turn up against Manchester United, the Norwich, Schalke, and Fulham fiascoes, and the apparent inability for this to be solved. We aren't talking about a blip or some bad results. We are talking about a malaise which has been quietly brewing at Arsenal pushing and pressurising every sinew of the club. Now the malaise is out for all to see.

We all have political convictions, we may vote for a party, or have partiality to one, or even support one. That doesn't mean we approve of everything they do, say or propose. 

No politician in any country is ever afforded immunity from criticism so why should the board and manager of Arsenal be any different. We may love a particular supermarket but it doesn't stop us questioning their prices, or lack of new products , or scruffy shop layout or poor organisation, but its doesn't stop us shopping there.

So why can't Arsenal and the manager be questioned ?

Team or Personality cult ?


 Be honest with yourself, does your will to debate or discuss alternative views without a huge wall closing down as a barrier come from that way your support is derived.

Is it that your love and emotional ties to a person that disables you from seeing other views and undeniable facts. Is it that adoration or deification of someone who to you personifies Arsenal, the reason you over react , and dismiss any other idea, refuse to debate with those who do question current strategy. Is it the reason you fly in to a rage and abuse thinkers and groups whose views you haven't listened to clearly and accuse them of betrayal ?

People's  emotional attachment to individuals who for them personify Arsenal  are actually preventing them seeing the wood for the trees. The modern personality cult of investing way too much personal emotion in people you don't know or haven't and won't ever meet is bad enough, but when a person is considered to replace or supplant 126 years of history, tradition, connections, and legends , that isn't support. It's making a false idol , worshiping a deity which is replacing the club.

But history tells us deity's , personalities, stars leave the club and even die or retire. The club goes on, as long as it isn't mismanaged or crippled in the meantime. 

The question is where does the support of the personality lovers go then, does it stay with the club, is it diluted by following the deity on its next journey. We hope it stays with Arsenal.

Being an Arsenal fan in denial, allowing people to live off past glories, not seeing that the super club which was created is rather a club which verged on the precipice of being one, and rolled back down the hill isn't helping the club or team.

It is like being married to an abusive partner who was once super, but your ignoring of their faults, and issues over the years , has allowed them to grow, and become destructive to the relationship to near divorce.

In the words of Alcoholics Anonymous 

The first step to solving a problem is admitting
you have a problem.

Next episode is the F word Factors, Fudges, Flipping fecking frustration and feck ups

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  1. Well said. I'm in support of the motion. We need a change. No matter what happens, some will always support arsene even @ the expense of Arsenal.

  2. At last someone is prepared to cut through this bullshit. Good on you mate